Meet the Team


youEditor-in-Chief: Kaylia Brown is a junior mass communication student who is fulfilling an internship at Stark Industries while attending Wesleyan. The internship is providing her connections and skills she had never dreamed of possessing, and she is more than grateful for the opportunity. After graduation, Kaylia plans to finalize her wedding plans with war veteran James Buchanan Barnes. In her free time, Kaylia loves to sneak pictures of the team both lounging around and in action. She hopes to work at Stark Industries full-time somewhere down the line to stay close to the family she has gained there.


Managing Editor: Thomas T. Moore is a Managing Editor for the Dallas Morning News. He is a decorated veteran with over 20 years of meritorious service in the United States Space Force with eight deployments to various planets in support of the Universal War on Terror. Moore is a graduate of Space Ranger school and a recipient of the Distinguished Martian Service Cross. In his down time, Moore enjoys spending time at his ranch outside of Terlingua with his wife and three dogs.


Multi-Media Editor:
Miranda Day is a senior Mass Communication major and the Multi-media Editor for Southwest Airlines. When she’s not traveling the world she likes to chill at home and spoil her 5-year-old dachshund, Luna Lovegood. Day enjoys taking photos of each destination she travels to and has been featured a few times in National Geographic for her photography.



Copy-editor: Raylan “Ray” Stockdale interned for the late Kobe Bryant as assistant on his staff. Senior editor for ESPN for 5 years. Former pro football player and 3time super bow champion. Also worked with Barbra Walters on Good Morning America.


Social Media and Copy Editor: Jabial “Jab” White is a redshirt sophomore who seeks to earn his major in Mass Communication and plays football for Texas Wesleyan. Currently Jab lives in Fort Worth, Texas, but he originally is from New Orleans, Louisiana. White happens to own half of Fort Worth and is working out with the New Orleans Saints for a shot in the draft. Jabial is a top prospect in the draft and all odds are looking good for the guy. If football doesn’t work out longer than expected he plans to become a journalist or look more into public relations. With his beautiful wife, Kylie Jenner and their other child at home life can’t be any better. Down the line he hopes to get the opportunity to change a large audience’s view on something in a positive and self-reflecting way.

Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 9.08.59 PMSocial Media and Copy Editor: Mallory Marks is a senior mass communication student who is pursuing a career as a National Geographic documentary producer. While attending school full time at Wesleyan she travels the world filming animal behaviors that have never been seen before. She is passionate about producing quality films while also educating people about nature. After graduation, Mallory plans on moving to the west coast to live in the mountains with her three giant dogs and her one sassy miniature service pony. Mallory loves to hike and take photographs of nature in her free time. She hopes to one day get married to a lovely women and have farm of rescued animals, but no goats because she is allergic. Be on the lookout for one of her Nat Geo docs, they’re going to be great!



Reporter: Kaylee Conrad is a former first responder who has taken an interest in media and reporting. With a long career in dispatch coming to an end, she is looking to start a new career in something familiar. In her free time she enjoys watching crime dramas, attending painting classes, and caring for her many pets.




Reporter: Rachell Aguilar is a senior mass communication student who is currently interning for the sports media with Ryan Keating at Wesleyan.  After graduation Rachell plans to finalize her wedding plans with actor Tom Hiddleston. during her free time she enjoys going for walks, watching movies, reading, and social media. She hopes to work at Qualbe Marketing Group as a copy writer. 


thumbnail__private_var_mobile_Containers_Data_Application_916D2753-7292-4783-ADBF-92603FBA6784_tmp_E89A5DA0-9C49-4711-8935-947705B64E5E_Image Reporter: Arely Chavez is a sophomore at Texas Wesleyan majoring in mass communications and minoring in sociology. She just finished her summer internship as a Social Media Marketing Assistant with SnackFever in Seoul, South Korea. Arely hopes to adopt two dogs and a child after graduation, as well as begin working with Arirang Radio shortly after. 


IMG_1282-300x300Reporter: Lexi Barlow is a sophomore mass communication and English double-major. When Lexi isn’t drowning in homework and extracurriculars, she working as an intern at The Richards Group. She is married to Theo James and although she might not look very intimidating, she has her signature “mom glare” that will scare anyone out of their skin. Her luscious curls have also been known to hide various objects, such as erasers, AirPods, and secrets. 

Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 6.03.32 PM Reporter: Juan Rey is a mass communication student, content producer, and reporter for the Rambler. Also, he is a professional soccer player at FC Barcelona during his free time. He was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Rey is bilingual, but he does not speak nor write proficiently in English or Spanish.
He has experience in making cupcakes, dressing dogs, cooking, sleeping till noon and being on Tinder. He enjoys all areas of mass communications; however, he never meets the deadlines. He describes himself as an unpassionate, lousy worker, and without imagination or desire to work. He believes in the power of cash and the ability to get money without working.

will Reporter: Will Doctor is a junior sports communications major at Texas Wesleyan and also on the golf team. He is pursuing a career in the media field and will be interning with a media company or sports organization in Houston this summer.



nyssa Reporter: Anyssa Pfeifer is a junior at Texas Wesleyan who is studying mass communication and criminal justice as a student. She is interning at Gotham Gazette while attending Wesleyan, the internship is providing Anyssa with skills and relations she never thought she would obtain. After graduation, Anyssa plans to be a full-time investigation reporter for the Gotham City newspaper. In her free time, she loves to capture photos of nature, people, and the architecture around her. 

thumbnail_B1175F19-097A-4864-AC95-3F787E81F25C Reporter: Lee Benting is a junior mass communications major from Johannesburg, South Africa. He is an active participant on the men’s soccer team. Being a mass communications major has developed his skills in writing, editing, filming, reporting and love for creation. This love will one day take Benting into the digital production field with plans of working for an established sports broadcasting company either back home in South Africa or here in these United States. In his free time, he likes listening to music and taking pictures and videos. 

Bio Pic Rambler Reporter: Dylan Pettway is a sophomore mass communication major from Watkinsville, Georgia, though he was born in Yuma, Arizona. He attended and graduated from Oconee County High School. He is two time all-conference linebacker on the Texas Wesleyan football team.