Meet the Team



Editor-in-Chief: Ashton Willis is a sports editor for the New York Times where she covers hockey. She is also an avocado fanatic. She loves them on her salad, guacamole, and even tortilla soup. In the evenings you can catch her at a Dallas Stars hockey game watching her boyfriend Jamie Benn. She enjoys sports, tennis, and coaching. She and her boyfriend share a condo together in Uptown Dallas where they live with their three dogs. They enjoy walking their dogs at the park and going to wine tastings.

C3LGK0Ch_400x400Managing Editor:  Hannah Lathen is a world renowned, senior mass communication major at Texas Wesleyan. She is about to finish her second year at The Rambler and was the former managing editor for TCC’s The Collegian. Lathen hopes to continue in the field of journalism after she graduates. Lathen is a multiple award winning writer, recently taking home several TIPAs and SPJ Mark of Excellence Awards. Outside of Wesleyan, Lathen is a key player in the community. She is the Communications Director for the non-profit organization El Voto Es Latino and is a part of the communications team for the ICE out of Tarrant Campaign.  Hannah will be running for president in 2020 alongside her husband Beto O’Rourke, so watch for her eye-catching ads on TV and Twitter.

amanda-e1553525077647.jpgMulti-Media Editor: Amanda Roach has worked for the past five years in technology and film making.  She currently works as a Director at BISD running a jumbotron for varsity football games, as well as working as the Social Media Manager for North Richland Hills Baptist Church.  She is a EGOT winner, and she loves shooting short films, mixing audio, taking photographs, graphic design, and anything else she can get her creative hands on.  Her hobbies include crocheting dolls of superheroes, watching Jeopardy! with her cat, and going for long walks on the beach.  She is also the director of the upcoming film, Avengers: Endgame, which is sure to be a hit.

Hannah-Onder-Staff-pic-250x250Copy-Editing Chief: Hannah Onder is a junior mass communication major at Texas Wesleyan. As copy editing chief for The Faux Rambler, Hannah’s goal is pass on clean copy and work her way up the ranks. Hannah began as the editor-in-chief of the New York Times in the fall of 2016 with an extensive background in both journalism and editorial work after serving three years as editor-in-chief for her high school yearbook staff.  In her spare time, Hannah enjoys studying mythology, reading fiction, and sketching landscapes. She currently enjoys making the famous crossword puzzle harder every single day.  Amidst all of her activities both professional and personal, she says that storytelling is what keeps her grounded. “Storytelling is something that I carry throughout all facets of my life.”

fullsizerenderCopy Editor: Elena Maldonado is a senior mass communication major. She joined the Faux Rambler as a copy editor after being a film editor for the Golden Globe and Oscar winning animated film “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.” Even though she hasn’t received her degree yet, she has been able to work for the best art and film directors in Hollywood. Maldonado likes to dabble in creating and editing videos, writing fictional stories, drawing, and graphic design. When she is not creating art, Maldonado is busy running her Australian Shepherd’s Instagram account. As a copy editor, Maldonado’s mission is to help her fellow co-workers publish quality work that people will enjoy.

e4802bed-a465-4dc4-af5a-c10644755447.jpgSocial Media Manager: Tina Huynh is an international student from Vietnam, a senior Mass Communication major and a photographer/videographer. She’s on her third year of being a solo documentary filmmaker, shooting films like ‘March of the Penguins’ and ‘The Lion King’. She’s also an intern for Marketing & Communications and a varsity player for the National Champion table tennis team. In her free time, you can catch her boxing, rock climbing, or jamming to her guitar from a corner of her dorm room. Huynh loves her fiance Drake, sea salt caramel ice cream, sushi, and boba tea.



Reporter: Kaylia Brown is a sophomore Mass Communications student who is fulfilling an internship at Stark Industries while attending Wesleyan. She is currently in a state of disarray after half of the team had turned to dust in the blink of an eye, but it is aiming to make the most out of every situation until the remaining members avenge them and, hopefully, bring them back home. After graduation, Kaylia plans to finalize her wedding plans with war veteran James Buchanan Barnes. In her free time, Kaylia loves to sneak pictures of the team both lounging around and in action. She hopes to work at Stark Industries full-time somewhere down the line.


Reporter: Newly-wed Miranda Day enjoys spending her time with her husband, Adam Levine. When she’s not with her new hubby she is looking after her 4-year-old dachshund, Luna Lovegood. Day is a reporter for the Rambler at TxWes and she is currently looking to graduate in December of 2020. She enjoys traveling the world and meeting new people! Soon, Day will hold the position of Lead Concert Photographer for Maroon 5! Whether she’s writing a story, snapping pictures, or enjoying her beautiful family, Day does all things through joy and love!

cesarReporter: Cesar Vidana is a Junior Mass Communications major, and football all-star. Graduated from Trinity Valley Community College with associates degree in Liberal Arts, and also avid video game playing, Netlfix-binging fool who on top of all else runs and owns the worlds biggest and most popular rubber chicken factory.



IMG_0979Reporter: Thomas T. Moore graduated from Cornell, ever heard of it? He is a published writer and space combat veteran with multiple deployments to Klendathu. Along with writing, Moore serves as a technical adviser to various adult film companies in the greater Martian area. He is a huge Jai Alai fan and always enjoys a nice warm room temperature beer. He lives with his cyborg wife 100111010 and their two dogs, Frank and Bill. 

img_2257.jpgReporter: Jacinda Chan is junior mass communication major.  She is a world-renowned journalist for Vogue. Jacinda got her start at the Texas Wesleyan Rambler as a content producer. Her career has taken her all over the world reporting on the latest fashion yet she still manages to continue school. She hopes to continue establishing herself in the journalism industry as she is currently doing so.


IMG_1813Reporter: Ebeline Luna was born in Grand Prairie, Tx. She has three brothers. Ebeline attended Lewisville High school in Lewisville, Tx, and then went on to Texas Tech University where she completed two years before transferring to Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, Tx where she received her Mass Communication degree. Ebeline also completed her J.D. at SMU School of Law. She is now a Supreme Court Justice and has overseen cases such as Ramirez v. Ball-pit and Batman v. Superman.

ltReporter: When thinking of LaTerra many may think of a giant fluff of curly hair and this is true that is one of her many identifiers. Although besides the curly hair there is a person under there who has found a passion for videography. Alongside her other content producers, LaTerra can usually be found with some type of camera taped to her hand recording the events of her day as well as helping deliver news to an audience of people that she feels deserves nothing but the truth.