Texas Wesleyan Holds Press Conference Addressing the Zombie Outbreak

At 10:30 a.m., Spokesperson Carmen Ochoa held a press conference in Bragen Hall.

There is not much information available, but Ochoa said, “If you see a lady in a pink sweatshirt stay away from her.”

As of right now, there is no timeline as to when this outbreak will end.

If you want to cure a zombie, encourage them to remove the red bandana or crown they are wearing, Ochoa said.

Update: 11:40 a.m. – Texas Wesleyan Holds Second Press Conference Addressing the Zombie Outbreak

Spokesperson Carmen Ochoa held a second press conference in Bragen Hall.

There have been zero casualties on campus while the search for patient zero is still underway. At this moment, there are seventeen students in critical condition due to vaccine side-effects and three students hospitalized by the virus.

“If you see Dr. Gerloff may you please direct them to the zombie task force and notify them,” said Ochoa.

It has been strongly advised to please take appropriate precautions throughout this crisis.

Press Conference Updates:

•0 people dead
•3 people hospitalized
•17 people in critical condition
•There is a vaccine however, it has side effects
•Side effects including- dizziness, loss of appetite and inability to communicate
•Virus has been limited to campus but there is a team in place just in case
•Currently contacting the CDC to figure out what is going on

Spokesperson, Carmen Ochoa giving her briefing.

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