Student throws his flaming unicycle at zombie

A Wesleyan student was attacked by five zombies in a class room in the basement of the Eunice and James L. West Library.

At 10:45 a.m. a male Wesleyan student, whose name has yet to be released, had his left middle finger bitten off and became infected with  the Z1N1 virus.

Nicholas Squyres with unicycle by clock 2 tower photo by Rowan Lehr
Nicholas Squyers loves to ride his unicycle. 

Nicholas Squyres, a 25-year-old music major with concentration in voice with a specialization in composition, was riding his unicycle down the hallway.

“It was crazy, I tried to fight them off of my friend, but have a hard time throwing punches on my unicycle,” Squyres said.

Squyres was forced to light his unicycle on fire and throw it into the crowed of zombies to draw their attention away from him so he could escape.

“I got away but my unicycle only made it to the clock tower because that’s where I parked,” Squyres said. “I light the unicycle on fire to keep the zombies back and left before the lock down started.”

Lewis Wall a Wesleyan alumni who works at the Texas Wesleyan University Bookstore, watched as a horde of zombies walked down E Rosedale Street and almost beat the door down.

“We were lucky that a drunk driver barreled down the street in a Ranchero and mowed down the zombies that were scratching the door,” Wall said.

The driver of the Ranchero wasn’t injured and local homeowner, 39-year-old Jay Patterson.

McKenzie Brown, a senior Christian studies major and writing tutor at the academic success center, said she was tutoring during the time that the outbreak was first announced.

“I think it was a shame there were more male zombies than female zombies,” Brown said.

Brown said that she never actually saw a zombie but they were described as slow and drooling brutes who felt no pain.


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