Wesleyan safe from Killer Klown threat

At the second press conference Wesleyan spokeswoman, Massaran Kromah said, that there were seven Killer Klowns on campus around 10 a.m.

“We’d like to extend our deepest apologies to The Rambler for discrediting their reports. Moving forward we do have some information that we can discuss at this time.”

Kromah confirmed that there were 15 Wesleyan students killed in the attacks.

“This is not a reflection of Texas Wesleyan. We do take every precaution to make sure that our students and faculty are safe.”

Kromah said Wesleyan is still investigating how the clowns got on campus and they will share new information as the investigation continues.

“We will be updating our website as the investigation continues. Please follow that for further information,” Kromah said.


Infographic of events. Graphic by Amanda Roach.

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