Outbreak on Texas Wesleyan Campus

           Zombies invaded Texas Wesleyan University around 9:30 a.m. through a spreading virus. Students around campus have been notified to stay far away from anyone with a red bandana or crown. The outbreak started in room 102 of the Armstrong-Mabee Building by Dr. Jill Gerloff.

“There will be abnormal things happening today or in 10 minutes,” said Gerloff.

A press conference given by Carmen Ochoa revealed that 50 people have been infected, and all have been cured by the Zombie Task Force. 17 of the 50 were in critical condition.

           Students are working diligently to inform student life on the outbreak and how they can cure the zombies on campus. All classes have been canceled until further notice, and people will continue to be treated.

Interviewing subjects about the outbreak caused a scare amongst people around campus leading them to answer questions nervously.

           “There’s a zombie apocalypse? What? Since when? We just lifted the mask mandate. What are we doing,” asked concerned Texas Wesleyan student, Colton Rhine. 

Student, Colton Rhine, being interviewed about the zombie outbreak.

For more information please refer to FAUXWESLEYANCRISIS.COM UNDER RESOURCES.
Or contact 888-888-888

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