Task force leader announces plans moving forward to combat zombie infection

Task force leader Dr. Cary Adkinson has announced plans to implement a campus-wide vaccination against the spread of infection.

“We are getting the first round of vaccinations to reduce the inflammations caused by the zombie outbreak. Hopefully initial reports indicate that we are seeing much success with these vaccinations and we’re hoping by the end of this afternoon that all of the vaccinations will be distributed to all of the infected,” Adkinson said.

As the group’s leader and spokesperson, Adkinson said they are looking at getting the contamination under control within the next few hours.

“We have sent several task force members out to local community areas in an effort to determine whether or not the infection has spread,” Adkinson said.

Adkinson reported that there were no confirmed cases, though this number may have changed.

Adkinson did confirm, however, that the infection is touch based, not airborne. Moving forward, Adkinson advises everyone to remain six feet apart from one another and remain locked indoors if possible.

His next plans include releasing proactive vaccines across campus to prevent popup infections. More information on vaccine administration to follow.

Reporter Archie Williams, interviewing Task Force leader Dr. Cary Adkinson.

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