image Victory over zombie attacks comes with a price

You look around the room and there’s no exit. Groans and grunts surround you as blood craving zombies come to devour you whole. As soon as you begin to give up hope the color blue surrounds you.

Zombie Force
Task force leader aids students to safety. 

Michael Brown, Zombie Task Force Leader, and his fearless team fight the zombies off as they bring students to safety. Before you have a chance to thank them, they run back to the fray.

Brown and his task force have been stellar in fight against the zombie infection here at Texas Wesleyan. Having completely quarantined the disease, the team does not move on without its losses.

After losing Brown to infection the task force suffered another loss. An unnamed agent that had to be brought down due to infection according to the task force.

Laura Velazquez, an agent of the task force, said it was split second decision.

“There were reports that zombies were seen in the sub so we moved to the location and the agent was caught by surprise by a zombie,” Velazquez said. “In order to keep her from infecting others I had to take her down.”

Due to Brown’s incapacitation, Alisa De Leon, another task force member, took on the empty power position. After the death of their agent all she could do was push the team on.

“Her death hurt the squad quite a bit, we have all worked together for 10 years,” De Leon said. “We knew that we still needed to save Brown and that more zombies were loose; we knew we had work to do.”

It was because of this diligence that Brown was eventually brought back to his human form and the zombie infection was contained as of 10:20 a.m.





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