Killer Clowns spotted on second floor of PUMC

At around 10:15 a.m., killer clowns were found lingering on the second floor of the Polytechnic United Methodist Church.

“I was walking around the corner and when I turned, I saw them,” senior criminal justice major Cameron Bennett said.

Bennett is head of a team of seven called Team Justice who killed the clowns in the church.

“I jumped on its back, and it was crazy,” Team Justice member Taylor Peyton said.

“We definitely jumped two clowns,” Bennett said. “They’re not breathing anymore.”

There are six clowns in total, according to Bennett, and they aim to tackle them all.

“There’s four left,” Peyton said.

Team Justice is currently on the move to find the rest of the clowns, and they want that to be known, said Bennett.

Team Justice pose with a clown mask as a warning to the remaining clowns. Photo by Kaylia Brown

“Let these other clowns know that you will be next,” Bennett said.

The team is feeling confident after this first victory and are ready to find the remaining four clowns, said Peyton.

Peyton said, “Let’s go and get them.”

Reporter Miranda Day witnessed Bennett killing Gordon Armbruster, one of the clowns.

According to Bennett there are three clowns left and three clowns remaining. Texas Wesleyan has not announced a press conference.

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